No Family Stands Alone

So much of the new in the Detroit area surrounds the difficult economic conditions which have caused much strain on our entire area, including the Jewish community. I won’t recount for you all of the details. We know them all too well.

Instead I want to take the opportunity to let you know that the Jewish community has a variety of resources in place to help. Hopefully you remember the signs and brochures found throughout Beth Ahm during the High Holidays with the slogan “No Family Stands Alone.” This is part of a campaign by the Jewish Federation of Metropolitan Detroit to spread the word about the many programs that are available to the Jewish community in these difficult times. Federation is such a multifaceted organization it is sometimes hard to remember all of the institutions that Federation supports. An in these difficult times, Federation agencies such as Jewish Family Service, Hebrew Free Loan Association, and others are helping increasing numbers of people in need of assistance. And in response to the high rate of foreclosures recently, Federation is beginning a new program called the Jewish Housing assistance Fund which will assist families facing foreclosure proceedings or who are having other housing issues. To find out more about Jewish Federation you can call Federation’s Resource Line at (248) 592-2650 or go to

There are other resources in our community as well. One new foundation is called Here to Help Foundation. Their goal is to provide grants “to provide a bridge, allowing one to weather a crisis or overcome an obstacle to success, while supplying hope and the ability to move forward.” This private foundation is structured to help people who will be able to move forward with their lives if only they have a bit of help with one particular issue that is holding them back. They have already begun helping people in the Detroit area. You can find more information about Here to Help by calling (248) 544-4026 or at

My hope is that no one in our Beth Ahm community actually needs the financial assistance that I am writing about. But, it is clear that there are many of us who are facing challenges. For some, those challenges are relatively minor while others have serious concerns about themselves and their families. I like Federation’s new slogan—No Family Stands Alone. Federation agencies can provide financial assistance for those who may need it. If you or someone you know needs help, call (248) 592-2650.


By :- Rabbi Steven Rubenstein