Heart Disease in Dogs linked to Ingredients in Food, FDA says

FDA is currently investigating different food samples after they have got some serious links to the pet food with heart ailments in dogs. If your dog is being fed a lot of grain-free diets, then they are more vulnerable to cardiovascular disease that is seen in animals.

Heart Disease in Dogs linked to Ingredients in Food, FDA says

U.S Food and Drug Administration’s Center for the Veterinary Medicine, along with the diagnostic laboratories are working on the study to find a link between the canine dilated cardiomyopathy (DCM) and certain pet foods with seeds or potato as the main ingredient in it.

The early research showed up that the pet foods containing legume seeds, potatoes, peas or lentils as the main ingredient could cause the problem of canine dilated cardiomyopathy. This DCM is an issue in which problem occurs in the dog’s heart muscle, leading to heart failure.

But after long study, it was found that all the breeds with a predisposition in their DCM were more easily affected. Some of the common breeds among them include Irish Wolfhounds, Great Danes, Doberman.

It’s important to know which is the right food for my French bulldog, before buying and feeding them to your pet.

On top of that, all the other breeds which are not genetically connected to the problem have also been faced with the trouble. All the mixed breeds, the Golden Retriever, Shih Tzu, Whippet, etc.

Now people are slowly moving towards the ‘free from’ labels, which says the food is gluten-free or grain-free. To add to this, almost 20% of the Dog Food which was launched in the year 2017 were gluten-free.

On the contrary, the PetMD scientists have mentioned that the dogs actually don’t need any grain-free solutions. This points out another fact that the pet owners simply mimic their own food choices when it comes to pet feeding. 

By 2018, the U.S dog food market is set to reach about $27 billion, and this number is simply going to increase and cross $30 billion by 2022!

So next time, when you are deciding on your pet’s diet, then make sure that you choose the right food. Go and visit your regular vet and get the Best advice for the same.