Difference Between Decaf and Regular Coffee | Explained

It is difficult to identify which coffee is decaf and which one is the regular coffee. We have got a team who are expert in taste-testing tasks! So we assigned the task to a team of 5 and presented them with coffee shots of different types. These included hot coffee, iced coffee, and lastly the decaf one.

Three among the contestants guessed the coffee shots right! While the rest of them identified the hot and the iced coffee. Now coming to the Decaf coffee, this is a bit tricky one. What if you order a Decaf next time, and you are served some other coffee? How’d you know if the coffee is a real Decaf?

Here the difference will help you out in understanding both the Decaf and Regular coffee.

Difference Between Decaf and Regular Coffee

The word ‘decaf’ means devoid of caffeine, but in reality, decaf is not completely caffeine-free. Decaf coffee has got very less amount of caffeine, as this content is reduced to a great extent. Those who are strictly on a no-caffeine diet, even the decaf option is also not recommended for you guys. There are various different types of coffee available in the market.

Difference Between Decaf and Regular Coffee

So how is the Decaf coffee made? The coffee beans are treated with different solvent and other chemicals for removing the caffeine from them. And the main goal is to preserve the quality and flavor of the coffee, along with keeping the product safe from any side-effects.

Coming to the taste parameter, Decaf won’t be as flavorful as the regular coffee. This is mainly because of the no-caffeine property. Also, decaf coffee undergoes a double process which brings it in contact with the environment.  Coffees flavors are also affected as they are subjected to open environment.

Another difference is that Decaf is termed as “unnatural” as they are developed using different chemical processes. While the Regular Coffee is natural, with the proper amount of caffeine level. It is better to avoid Decafs and drink nothing at all! (For those looking out for a no-caffeine solution)

If you found the explanation a bit confusing, we have listed some points for both the Decaf and the Regular coffee. Try to match the points from one to the other, for better understanding.

Decaf Coffee

  • This is an unnatural drink
  • Good Quality Decafs are always hard to find
  • You will find less amount of caffeine in this coffee

Regular Coffee

  • Regular coffee is completely natural
  • You will find many quality coffee shops serving the regular coffee
  • This coffee has got good caffeine level

So, there you go! We are concluding the difference between both the Decaf and Regular Coffee. So which one are you gonna try next?

As a true coffee lover, decaf won’t be your cup of tea!


But for the understanding, you can try out the decaf flavor and note the difference. Friends let me know which coffee type is your favorite, and if you have got any extra points to add here then feel free to share them by commenting below. Check out similar articles on our page ThisIsFederation.