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  • Asthma Causes, Symptoms, Types & Treatment – All You Need to Know

    Asthma is one of the most common breathing diseases in the modern world. About 253 million people are affected by it. Moreover, The Global Burden of Disease Study (GBD) Study estimates that deaths caused by asthma are 170 per million for males and 90 per million for females. It is a chronic disease with the highest tendency to affect children. No firm evidence behind the cause of asthma is known. Although, urbanization was to blame for asthma increase. Asthma Such a dangerous disease can affect anyone with weak immunity system. So it is important to understand the basics of asthma.

    The following is a list of causes, symptoms, types, treatment and the doctor’s advice on asthma:


    • The firm evidence for a specific reason is not known. However, a pattern is found, suggesting that asthma runs in families.
    • Another cause of asthma is high levels of pollution. The toxic chemicals often cause breathing problems but this may result in asthma if kids and elderly people are exposed.
    • Patients experience an asthma attack due to trigger elements such as dust, toxic chemicals, allergens, pollen, etc.
    • Asthma causes the bronchial tubes to narrow and swell due to extra mucus. This can cause patients to feel varied symptoms based on the immunity system. For some, it is a minor inconvenience while for some it is life-threatening.
    Asthma Symptoms
    • Coughing, wheezing, flammable sensation in the throat and sir tract, running out of breath, etc. are the symptoms of asthma attacks.
    • The triggers of these symptoms are also different from person to person.
    Types of asthma:
    • Allergic asthma and non-allergic asthma are two main types of asthma.
    • Allergic asthma: As the name suggests, an allergen is responsible for triggering the attack. A chemical, pollen, dust, animal hair, etc. can be the allergens.
    • Non-allergic asthma: This type does not need any allergen to trigger. Reason for this asthma again differs from patient to patient. But the common ones are: - Exercise-induced asthma. - Coughing variant. - Nocturnal asthma. - Aspirin-induced asthma.
    • Like any other disease, doctor’s advice is the best solution for diagnosis and treatment.
    • A doctor may ask for your medical history and conduct physical tests on you for ensuring asthma.
    • Lung functioning tests may be helpful. A patient’s breathing is tested before and after consuming a bronchodilator which increases bronchial pipes. It can show the difference and effects of the medicine.
    • Spirometry tests: This test basically measures the difference between inhaled and exhaled air to discover any obstruction.
    In this way, by trial and error method of tests, diagnosis of asthma is done. Treatment: The best treatment for any disease is possible with the help of a doctor only.Treatment of Asthma
    • Unfortunately, asthma does not have a cure, rather the treatment only work to ease the symptoms. and it works on the best diet for asthma patient.
    • The treatment varies based on the type of symptoms.
    • But doctors prescribe medications, respiratory therapies, habitual changes, immunotherapy, etc.
    • Bronchodilators help to widen the windpipe during the attacks. Also, respiratory therapy on regular intervals helps to breathe normally, decreasing frequency of attacks.
    Ultimately, if you have any issue with your health, only a doctor can help. For any query, write it in comment section. Our team will comeback to you soon.

  • 7 Ways a Water Softener Can Save You More Money

    One of the heartbreaking moments are those when you regret any purchase. Especially, when the investment was a costly one. You won't ever regret purchasing a Water Softener as it comes with many monetary benefits. But not many are aware about this!
    So, here we are with the list of benefits which makes  Water Softener a Money Saver in the long run.

    7 Ways a Water Softener Can Save You More Money

    When you consider different water-related systems, they ought to get expensive. The reasons may be - they are heavily built or comes with Smart technologies, or they can be advanced with the problem-solving capacity. Be it any reason; the system will get costly with these features. Ways a Water Softener Can Save You More Money But when you look into the future benefits of a Water Softener, then you will come to know the reality of it. All the future monetary savings make your investment all worthy. The major ones are listed below:
    • Detergent Usage.
    Hard water does not create the right kind of foam when mixed with soap and detergent. You will end up using a lot of detergent for washing clothes, and this stands true while dealing with the soap. After installing the water softener, you will find that detergent purchase has reduced by almost half. Make sure that you read Water Softener Reviews before buying any product. It will ensure that you don't face such issues in future. Even the soap will create the right amount of suds, as they mix well with the soft water.
    • Clothes are Well Maintained.
    The clothes fade faster and lose all the color; when it is washed using hard water. Thus you will feel the need to buy new clothes very often. In such a situation, you can get a water softener and save your bucks! With the help of a water softener, all your clothes color and shades remain well maintained.
    • Check your Energy Bills.
    This is the most important reason for which one must prefer a water softener. For example; let's take the example of a gas water heater. It was seen that the unit works brilliantly when dealt with the soft water compared to that of hard water. You can get a high-efficiency rating, and this helps in maintaining the lifespan of the equipment too.
    • Appliances last longer than before. 
    The hard water gives birth to a layer of limescale buildup, which directly affects the efficiency of the appliances. Almost all the water-dependent appliances are vulnerable to this. Get one softener installed and save your devices! Mere investment on a softener can automatically protect all the appliances which use water. Therefore, you can run them for the estimated duration and get the best work done out from it. Skin and Hair Care
    • Skin and Hair Care. 
    Hard water dries up the skin quickly, while some of the users have felt itchy sensation. After you have installed the softener, then you can maintain a healthy skin. Coming to the hair care, hard water ruins the hairs too. So if you wish to cut off all the expenses made for hair-skin care, a water softener will do that for you.
    • No requirement of Rinsing Agents. 
    They are similar to the soap or any other dishwashing liquid. But there are a few unique properties which make them stand apart from other fluids. Their primary purpose is to reduce all the water spots which are seen on the utensils after drying up. After you get a softener in hand, you won't need the presence of any rinsing agent.
    • No more Plumbing Repairs. 
    All the home plumbing components ought to get damaged with an increase in the mineral buildup. Also, the movement of the water gets difficult with the increase in the water minerals. Things will get easy and smooth after getting the softener up at your homes. This will also reduce all the repairs which were required to be done previously. So, these are all the less-known facts which make a Water Softener all worthy of the cost. Did you find this post informative? Was it enough for solving your queries? Share us your opinions in the comment space below. You can even strike a discussion below, let's have some fun!

  • Difference Between Decaf and Regular Coffee | Explained

    It is difficult to identify which coffee is decaf and which one is the regular coffee. We have got a team who are expert in taste-testing tasks! So we assigned the task to a team of 5 and presented them with coffee shots of different types. These included hot coffee, iced coffee, and lastly the decaf one. Three among the contestants guessed the coffee shots right! While the rest of them identified the hot and the iced coffee. Now coming to the Decaf coffee, this is a bit tricky one. What if you order a Decaf next time, and you are served some other coffee? How'd you know if the coffee is a real Decaf? Here the difference will help you out in understanding both the Decaf and Regular coffee.

    Difference Between Decaf and Regular Coffee

    The word 'decaf' means devoid of caffeine, but in reality, decaf is not completely caffeine-free. Decaf coffee has got very less amount of caffeine, as this content is reduced to a great extent. Those who are strictly on a no-caffeine diet, even the decaf option is also not recommended for you guys. There are various different types of coffee available in the market. Difference Between Decaf and Regular Coffee So how is the Decaf coffee made? The coffee beans are treated with different solvent and other chemicals for removing the caffeine from them. And the main goal is to preserve the quality and flavor of the coffee, along with keeping the product safe from any side-effects. Coming to the taste parameter, Decaf won't be as flavorful as the regular coffee. This is mainly because of the no-caffeine property. Also, decaf coffee undergoes a double process which brings it in contact with the environment.  Coffees flavors are also affected as they are subjected to open environment. Another difference is that Decaf is termed as "unnatural" as they are developed using different chemical processes. While the Regular Coffee is natural, with the proper amount of caffeine level. It is better to avoid Decafs and drink nothing at all! (For those looking out for a no-caffeine solution) If you found the explanation a bit confusing, we have listed some points for both the Decaf and the Regular coffee. Try to match the points from one to the other, for better understanding. Decaf Coffee
    • This is an unnatural drink
    • Good Quality Decafs are always hard to find
    • You will find less amount of caffeine in this coffee
    Regular Coffee
    • Regular coffee is completely natural
    • You will find many quality coffee shops serving the regular coffee
    • This coffee has got good caffeine level
    So, there you go! We are concluding the difference between both the Decaf and Regular Coffee. So which one are you gonna try next? As a true coffee lover, decaf won't be your cup of tea! Sources: But for the understanding, you can try out the decaf flavor and note the difference. Friends let me know which coffee type is your favorite, and if you have got any extra points to add here then feel free to share them by commenting below. Check out similar articles on our page ThisIsFederation.

  • No Family Stands Alone

    So much of the new in the Detroit area surrounds the difficult economic conditions which have caused much strain on our entire area, including the Jewish community. I won't recount for you all of the details. We know them all too well. Instead I want to take the opportunity to let you know that the Jewish community has a variety of resources in place to help. Hopefully you remember the signs and brochures found throughout Beth Ahm during the High Holidays with the slogan "No Family Stands Alone." This is part of a campaign by the Jewish Federation of Metropolitan Detroit to spread the word about the many programs that are available to the Jewish community in these difficult times. Federation is such a multifaceted organization it is sometimes hard to remember all of the institutions that Federation supports. An in these difficult times, Federation agencies such as Jewish Family Service, Hebrew Free Loan Association, and others are helping increasing numbers of people in need of assistance. And in response to the high rate of foreclosures recently, Federation is beginning a new program called the Jewish Housing assistance Fund which will assist families facing foreclosure proceedings or who are having other housing issues. To find out more about Jewish Federation you can call Federation's Resource Line at (248) 592-2650 or go to There are other resources in our community as well. One new foundation is called Here to Help Foundation. Their goal is to provide grants "to provide a bridge, allowing one to weather a crisis or overcome an obstacle to success, while supplying hope and the ability to move forward." This private foundation is structured to help people who will be able to move forward with their lives if only they have a bit of help with one particular issue that is holding them back. They have already begun helping people in the Detroit area. You can find more information about Here to Help by calling (248) 544-4026 or at My hope is that no one in our Beth Ahm community actually needs the financial assistance that I am writing about. But, it is clear that there are many of us who are facing challenges. For some, those challenges are relatively minor while others have serious concerns about themselves and their families. I like Federation's new slogan—No Family Stands Alone. Federation agencies can provide financial assistance for those who may need it. If you or someone you know needs help, call (248) 592-2650. B'shalom, By :- Rabbi Steven Rubenstein